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We’re looking for a CTO to join us in San Francisco building the infrastructure for the freelance economy! Here are details about our company, vision, technology & challenges, team, and the profile of our ideal CTO candidate.

About our company

Sixty builds infrastructure for the freelance economy. Our products make freelance careers more prosperous and client projects more successful. In simple terms: we get freelancers leads and we help clients hire the right freelancers.

The best way of describing how we fit into the freelance economy is to first describe freelance marketplaces. It's a common strategy for freelance marketplaces build products with the purpose of keeping the freelancer-client relationship on platform. Ironically, this also is a major contributing factor to them both leaving. This means a weaker dataset, which means weaker products.

Sixty is like a freelance marketplace flipped inside out. Our products integrate into the tools that freelancers already use. Then we help freelancers and clients get connected to work in whatever manner serves the project best – off platform. This way nearly every freelancer signs up and we stay connected throughout their client relationships. We ultimately think this product will evolve into looking more like "LinkedIn for freelancing" than a freelance marketplace.

We're a data play

Having a comprehensive dataset of every freelancer's client work allows us to build products no one else can. To get this dataset, we have to start by capturing small niches, similar to how Facebook captured Harvard to start, and Amazon captured the book market. building our products for one niche within one sector of the freelance economy: Squarespace Web Design.

Our products for clients:

Our products for freelancers:

TAM + Traction

Our goal is to expand these products to serve all 100+ million people within the multi-trillion dollar freelance economy. Going back to the Squarespace design economy, there are roughly 1,000 designers. Since launching in November last year, and as of Feb. 14th, we have 538 of them signed up, and we're growing organic traffic from Squarespace clients by 36% WoW.

Once we finish capturing the Squarespace niche, we'll expand to the other web design niches. Once we capture the whole web design sector, we'll expand to similar sectors. Then eventually we'll capture the whole freelance economy.

About our technology

We also use Webflow, GSheets, and Zapier for rapid prototyping. Now that the prototypes have traction, we're moving this into Rails.

About our team

Naomi is our Operations Manager. She conferences in each morning at 8am for our stand ups. Then we coordinate via Slack. Right now she is the point-person for any client or freelancer who needs something. She is also the tip of the spear for on boarding freelancers and gathering user feedback.

David is our CEO. He works out of his apartment which doubles as Sixty's HQ. Right now his job is to get more freelancers signing up and more clients hitting the website. This usually involves a combination of building products and features then telling people about them.

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About the CTO role

To give you an idea of the general technical challenges you'll spearhead:

Two specific (and immediate) UI/UX challenges we'll work on:

About you

While you qualify as a "full stack engineer", your real passion and skillset lay in the backend of the codebase. You love data: from what it can do, to how to capture it, to the deeper meaning of humans producing exponentially more of it.

You're humble and trustworthy. You want to build something that pushes society forward. The thought of immersing yourself in a project for 80h/wk excites you.

While you work hard, you have the self awareness to stay balanced and keep a level head. You can lead under pressure. The people you lead trust you and can depend on you.

You're naturally curious and you love building things that make your life, or someone else's, better. When you're not "working" on the weekends, you're often working on a side project.

General skillsets we're looking for:

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please reach out to us at careers@usesixty.com!

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