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David Powell
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Defining “World Travel”

The “world travel” niche of the Internet has grown so saturated with bullshit that even thinking about it is enough to induce nausea in the strongest stomachs of blog readers.

“20 Cities You HAVE to Visit in Your 20s”

“This broke bartender is backpacking across Europe, and it’s awesome!”

“One photographer’s experience in Krakow will leave you speechless”

And since world travel is an attractive concept to those of us who long for unexplored experiences, we click these links and continually meet disappointment from the empty calories that are the blog posts attached to these headlines.

Before this or any other post I write disappoints you, I wanted to transparently explain what this series of articles is — and what it’s not.

Let me start with what it’s not

  • This isn’t about international vacations. The tips I give you can help you feel like you’re always on vacation, though.
  • This isn’t about studying abroad or gap years. If you’re looking for material on that, I don’t need to write anything for you — you’ll find it.
  • This isn’t about Workaway, WWOOFing, or teaching English. Those programs deserve and will receive the proper acknowledgment in my posts, but I’m not talking about volunteering or educational opportunities.
  • This isn’t about cheap travel hacks and making your money go further. While saving money on the road is fantastic, making money on the road is our goal.

What being a digital nomad is

If you’re still with me now that we’ve got that out of the way, let me tell you about what I do and why I’m writing. I’m a freelance article writer stumbling across the world while keeping up with my clients in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Tweet: I’m writing this in a hostel in Budapest, Hungary, working from my laptop. In a few months, by following this guide, you can be here too.

I’m writing this in a hostel in Budapest, Hungary, working from my laptop. In a few months, by following this guide, you can be here too.

No, I’m not a travel expert, and no, I’m not wealthy. I’m just a skilled person who realized he was working in a location-independent industry during the easiest period to travel in the history of the earth.

That’s who I am, and that’s who I’m writing for. If you’re an entrepreneur whose work isn’t tied to a physical address, and you want to experience life in other countries while pursuing the career you love, then these posts are for you.

It can be difficult to find practical tips for digital nomads. Sure, of writing travel blogs there is no end, and millions of travel tips take 0.00000012 seconds to find on Google. For people attempting to create an international lifestyle around our work, though, relevant articles are intermittent at best.

Where can the professional web developer who wants to spend 2 months in Munich and continue working on projects find advice on her new lifestyle abroad? Who’s writing for the tech startup founder with a remote team that wants to set up shop in Bangkok for the summer?

How do digital nomads become digital nomads?

That’s the question this series of posts exists to answer. Here’s a few ways I’ll break it down of what is to come:

  • What is world travel good for? People seem to view expeditions across the globe as automatic life-changing experiences. They’re not. Why do we travel then?
  • Where should you start? Your first destination and the timing of your departure matter immensely when deciding to embark on a nomadic journey.
  • How do I maintain and gain new clients while abroad? Automation, platforms, marketing yourself — all of this is key to a sustainable career while abroad. I’ll share what I’ve learned as well as what people who are much better than me have taught me.
  • What should I do when I get there? This isn’t your normal “10 things to see in Prague” information in the style of Lonely Planet. I’m talking about creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle on the road.

If you’re ready to learn how to grow your business, gain new experiences daily, and live your life free of a permanent address, then stay with me. Consider the following posts the blueprint for becoming a digital nomad.

In My Next Post:

Introduction: So You Want to Travel the World?

  • Turning dreams of travel into actions
  • Thinking beyond tourism and teaching English
  • Working on the road and creating a nomadic lifestyle

Making mistakes so you don’t have to,

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