Ecommerce Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019: Agency Perspective

Michael Gaizutis  
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As mobile shopping grows, eCommerce grows. Mobile saw sales grow by 55%in 2018, eCommerce grew 16% to over $500 billion. Our clients ask for revamped mobile experiences and see BIG results when they make their eCommerce platform for the modern user.

Being a digital experience agency, RNO1 sees tons of clients prioritizing online retail to attribute to brand growth. The successful ones focus on integrating proven trends into their customer’s shopping experience in order to be conversion focused. On top of world-class branding, appealing to the convenience of the customer seems to be a big theme in 2019’s trends. Customers want flexibility, products catered to their tastes, and mobile eCommerce experiences.

Here are some more trends we will pay attention to in 2019.

1. Customers Will Pay More Attention to Ethical Shopping

If you Google “ethical shopping”, you’ll see loads of guides and tips on how customers can shop ethically. Responsible shipping, packaging, and materials will be a trend in 2019 as customers are focusing on the environmental impact of shopping. It will become the norm to be transparent with customers on what materials are going into their product and how the company their buying from is treating climate change.

2. Micro Interactions Can Do A Lot of Things

Micro-interaction companies are on the rise, giving brands the ability to create a touchpoint at every step of the customer journey. With micro-interactions, you can give customer support, help users stay engaged, gain information, provide feedback, tell your brand story, expand your brand voice and guide them through your sales funnel — all contributing to more conversions.

3. Brands Will Continue the Amazonification of Products

Amazon is where the traffic is. Brands can also leverage Amazon’s shipping resources, ad platform, and AI algorithms. The marketplace sees 2.25 billion visitors a month and most are ready to buy as soon as they type in the URL. Brands are continuing to put their products on Amazon as nearly half of all Amazon products are sold through third-party sellers. On top of that, Amazon ads are taking online advertising by storm as brands are harnessing the power of sponsored product ads and video ads to sell to customers. Amazon ad, SEO, photo, and product description writing agencies are popping up like crazy to improve brands’ chances of converting customers. This will continue to be strong in 2019.

4. One-Click Buys Will Be Everywhere

We mentioned this in a previous article we wrote on Design and Digital Trends in 2019. Brands want to capture the customers at the bottom of the funnel as quickly as possible. One-click buying has been a trend for some time as Amazon changed the game with their one-click buying. Since their patent ran out, brands can now implement their one-click buying into their digital and mobile experiences. And with mobile shopping being on the rise for some time, it makes sense one-click buying will become more and more common — even on top of funnel social media. Instagram shopping has made an impression on customers in 2018 (and they just got a new Head of Product) and social media shopping is already big in China with 55% of shoppers reported buying a product on a social app.

5. New Payment Models Will Give the Customer Flexibility

There have never been so many ways to pay. From Best Buy creating financing options for electronics to Quadpay showing up on eCommerce sites, payment models give customers options to buy a product and increase the chance for conversion. Customers want flexibility and generally don’t like paying a big one-time sum. We’ve even adapted to create the Revolve subscription model for brands who want to pay a month-to-month subscription and be agile.

If you want to grow your brand and create more conversions take these trends into account and remember: Mobile isn’t going anywhere.

RNO1 is a brand experience & digital design agency — deep-rooted on the west coast, with a global edge. San Francisco | Los Angeles | Seattle | Vancouver

Michael Gaizutis  

RNO1 is a brand experience & digital design agency — deep-rooted on the west coast, with a global edge. San Francisco | Los Angeles | Seattle | Vancouver