Sixty builds infrastructure for the freelance economy


Empower anyone to create the career they want

The freelance economy is like the Wild West

There’s a lot of opportunity and excitement. It’s easy to get lost, hard to know who to trust, and you have to wear a lot of hats to make it.

As a freelancer, there are hundreds of places to market yourself online, but it takes hours of weekly unpaid work to do well. As a result, lead pipelines go through feast and famine cycles – even for the most experienced freelancers. Years of this wears down career-freelancers to where they give up and get full time jobs.

For their clients, there are hundreds of areas to find freelancers online, yet it’s still difficult to find someone you trust with the right experience and availability. As a result, it takes weeks to find a freelancer for something as simple as getting a website built. Often it takes a few projects failing before one succeeds.

Solutions designed for any freelance sector

A product suite created to make freelance careers more prosperous and fulfilling while helping clients find better freelancers faster.

You own the relationship

Contrary to freelance marketplaces, who work to keep the freelancer-client relationship on-platform, Sixty’s setup for the two to interact off-platform by default. We connect them together via email or website link, and let them take it from there.

Built for your tools and workflow

Experienced freelancers, agencies, and clients already have their own tools and workflows. Instead of building a closed system of invoicing, communication, and project management tools, etc., Sixty integrates into what you already use.

We showcase comprehensive experience

We showcase all of a freelancer's experience to clients and treat it all the same in our algorithms. It doesn’t matter if the project came from Sixty, a friend referred it, or it came from a freelance marketplace.



All freelance sectors


Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, our team has deep freelance and agency roots

David Head

David is responsible for the design and growth of the infrastructure products at Sixty.

In 2011, David founded an eyewear business called Screenplays. His ROI hiring freelance web designers was so poor that he learned to maintain the site on his own. That led to becoming a freelance web designer himself in 2014, which evolved into founding a creative agency called Digify. In 2016 David merged Digify with another firm to form Sixty and build the first on-demand Squarespace help product.

David graduated with a business degree from Belmont University. In his spare time he reads, practices Yoga, and trains Jiu Jitsu.

Naomi Martin

Operations Manager
Naomi makes sure the freelancer and clients have a great experience using our products.

She began her career in 2004 working as a photo editor, then become a web designer at an agency. After a few years designing, she branched out on her own in 2007 to form a web design and development studio called skinnyCARROT. A decade later, her team has hundreds of websites under their belt while retaining clients from their first year in business. She joined Sixty to help freelancers find more stability in their work.

Naomi graduated from Cambridge with an Honors degree in History of Art. In her spare time you can find her at the gym weight training.

Josh Brody

Senior Rails Engineer
Josh is responsible for engineering the infrastructure – he makes stuff work.

He was an early employee at Pinterest on their backend engineering team. After that he spent some time at Google, before founding an award winning web and mobile development agency called ViableType in 2013. Josh scaled the ViableType team to X people while he served clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Josh joined Sixty to ______.

In his spare time, Josh DJs (check ____ on Spotify), refines his steak and pizza palette, and plays amateur chess.