Shutting down Sixty

Hi Everyone,

After coordinating over 5500 On Demand freelancing sessions across 72 web applications, and serving over 3000 clients across the globe through all of our products, we decided to shut Sixty down in August 2019.

In 2015, our initial vision was creating a place where anyone could get help with web apps in under 60 seconds. We found some inherent flaws in that on-demand model — notably that it was more expensive to acquire customers than what we would make in return.

The mission of the company was to build infrastructure for the freelance economy so everyone can create the career they want. With that in mind, we pivoted towards building a “LinkedIn for Freelancers”.

While we were seeing 30% WoW traffic growth to the website through our Showcase for many months, and our Hire product surpassed a $600k/yr run rate, we unfortunately didn’t have enough capital to reach profitability.

We’re grateful to our clients and freelancers for the opportunity to serve you. We offer a special thanks to our partners, investors, and team for the support and camaraderie over the years.

As our On Demand, Hire, Showcase, and Directory products are too costly to keep online, David memorialized them on his portfolio. Our About, Blog, and Insights pages will stay online.

As far as personal next steps:

Thank you!

David, Alex, Andrew
Cofounders, Sixty

Alex Tapper, David Head, and Andrew King, Co-founders of Sixty at Y Combinator in summer 2017.
Alex, David, and Andrew during the S17 Y Combinator batch in Mountain View, CA