Goodbye, for now

Hi everyone,

Sometimes even when things are working, they're not working well enough to keep going.

After pivoting Sixty towards serving projects of any size, we saw tremendous growth in our KPIs, and enthusiasm from the community. While the traction was exhilarating, we didn't have the capital runway to keep going. So we made the tough call to shut the company down.

Our hope though is that some day, we'll be able to build lasting versions of these products somehow.

Below is the detailed story and how we can stay in touch.

- David, Alex, & Andrew

The Story

On Demand

In 2015, you could visit Sixty to hire a freelancer in under 60 seconds to help with your online project. You clicked a button, and they were on Zoom, taking over your screen to drive while you do work together. It was magical.

We coordinated over 5,500 On Demand sessions, across 72 categories, with over 3000 clients across the globe. During that process, we unfortunately discovered some flaws in the model — primarily that we couldn't make enough selling on demand services alone to justify the costs to acquire the customers.

The nail in the coffin was speaking with employees from Google Helpouts, and cofounders at startups who'd tried to build an on-demand freelance marketplace in the past. We all ran up against the same roadblock.

So while On Demand was a great product, it was a bad business.

LinkedIn for Freelancers

We searched for a new model that was both profitable and also drove the freelance economy forward. That led us towards building a sort of “LinkedIn for Freelancers” -- a place where every freelancer was listed, and software would tell you which freelancers were best for which projects at any given point.

Core features for clients were:

Core features for freelancers were:

Out of our pilot vertical of web design freelancers, 62% signed up, and over 25% fully onboarded -- including the very top 20 in the space. The Showcase grew organic Google traffic 30% WoW for many months. The Hire product surpassed a $600k/yr run rate while the backend was powered by a Google Sheet.

A common reaction from clients: "I can't believe something like this exists."

Hearing that along with similar enthusiasm from freelancers made quitting feel impossible at times, but unfortunately we had to accept the limitations in front of us.

Our hope though is that some day, we'll be able to build lasting versions of these products somehow.

Thanks to the Community

We're humbled by our client and freelancer communities for trusting us with your businesses and livelihoods. 

It was a a blast watching our freelancers fund their weddings and their own startups with their earnings. Similarly, it was immensely satisfying watching so many of our clients go from idea to millions in revenue.

We hope to cross paths with you all again in the future! 🚀

To keep up with each of us personally:

Alex Tapper, David Head, and Andrew King, Co-founders of Sixty at Y Combinator in summer 2017.
Team Sixty - S17 Y Combinator batch in Mountain View, CA. David Head, Alex Tapper, Andrew King.